What part of “Deadline” confuses people?

One odd thing I run into frequently is the idea of a deadline.   Next Thursday is the ‘drop dead’ date for the 2008 personal taxes – there are no further extensions!  So, what happens?

I give clients a date by which they need to get me information so I can have time to do my work before a deadline! So, when the client misses my date for good work-flow, then I have to rush and still get things done before said deadline or else there will be penalties, interest, hurt feelings, etc…

What part of this confuses people?  A deadline is when things need to get done by so please give me a chance to do the job you are expecting!  Get the information in before my due date & you get a better job & a happy accountant. Oh – and remember, you may not be the only one who is rushing me… The good Lord only gave me two hands and so many hours in a day…

One thought on “What part of “Deadline” confuses people?”

  1. An old boss of mine used to claim that deadlines were “suggestions” and never paid attention to them. I feel your pain.
    I like this quote though “The good Lord only gave me two hands and so many hours in a day…”


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