Simplified Optional Home Office Deduction Coming in 2013

If you take a deduction for business use of your home (commonly called the Home Office Deduction), the IRS is offering a simplified method, starting for the 2013 tax year (and on your tax form for the first time in early 2014).  The deduction would max out at $1,500, based upon $5 for 300 square feet and will require a lot less record keeping and should save time & effort.  The IRS write up is at this link.

Since this is called ‘optional’, the current method of claiming a portion of mortgage interest/rent, property taxes, utilities, etc. should still be an option (although this isn’t expressly stated by the IRS).  Also note that the current restrictions of using a portion of your home ‘regularly & exclusively’ for business use still applies.

For a lot of people, this will be an easier option for calculating a complex deduction.

Here’s a free brochure to with info on this topic – it’s designed for printing so may be difficult to read online.  Business Use of Home

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