IRS Agents Don’t Accept Payment Over The Phone

In recent years, many clients, friends & total strangers have reached out about getting calls ‘From The IRS’, demanding payment or a lawsuit will be filed, IRS (or police) are on their way to arrest you, or something similar unless you give them a credit card to pay the tax bill right now.  I always calm them down, explain how these calls aren’t from the IRS and are from scammers.  I’ve written posts about these scams in the past & how you can report the calls to the IRS – you can find that post here.

Recently IIMG_1277 heard something that should also ease your fears – while holding for an IRS agent and suffering through the hold music, there was an announcement I’d not heard before:  “Please be advised that IRS employees may not accept payments over the phone, only via mail, online through, or in person”.  Seems the IRS has gotten the hint and are letting people know what methods may be be used for payments are made to the IRS.   Although not everyone will be on hold with the IRS to hear this announcement, kudos to them for finding a way to let the public know,

Seems almost everywhere we turn, there’s some new scam going on – it’s always good to be careful and keep up to date when new scams come to light.  Please feel free to share this post with your friends!

Please let me know if you’ve got any questions – lots of people get nervous (understandably!) when receiving a call from the IRS.  Please write your comments or questions below.


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