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2018 Income Tax Returns for S Corporations and Partnerships are due on September 16, 2019
 Think setting up a new company can eliminate a tax debt?  Think Again!  Home Office Deduction / Business Use of Your Home  I was ranked #2 tax return preparer in Chicago by – want to be #1 next year!  Illinois Tax Refunds Won’t Be Issued Until Mid-March 2016
 Who Pays in More to the US Government – People or Individuals?  An IRS Examination Exposes Past Mistakes for a Couple  Alimony on your tax return?  The IRS may be looking at it  Need Tax Relief?  What should you look for?  Did you file your 2013 Business Income Tax Return?
What if I don’t get my W2? Will My Return Get Audited? Hodge Group 2014 Fees Announced 100 Years of Federal Income Tax 2014 Standard Mileage Rates Announced
Have you heard the commercials on reducing your tax debt? What’s the true story?
How do same-sex couples file their personal income taxes for 2013 and possibly file amended returns?
New form I-9 – Employment Eligibility Verification How does Tip income affect my taxes? Simplified Optional Home Office Deduction Coming in 2013
IRS Approved Best Tax Return Preparers Listing Does your business owe $25k or less in payroll taxes? Here’s a new option Tax Scam mastermind heads to prison The IRS does NOT use e-mail! Individual Tax ID numbers will be harder to get
Taxes and fees associated with the Affordable Care Act When to start taking Social Security – tax issues and personal choice Are Your Fringe Benefits Taxed? Identity Theft Targeted by IRS and Other Government Agencies Tablet Computers Provided By Employers Can Be Tax Free
Church members being targeted by IRS Scam About 275,000 charities may lose tax-exempt status Taxes on the unemployed IRS stops sending out tax packages Health Insurance Premiums Reported on W2 – Not Taxed


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