Recommended Equipment


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In my business career, I’ve used countless pieces of equipment.  From slide rules (yes, I still have one) to digital cameras, mimeograph machines to color copiers and early computers to tablet computers that can do wonders.

Here are a few things that work great for my needs:

SCANNER – Fujitsu SnapScan ix500  – This is an absolute workhorse that scans both sides of your paper in a single pass, can accept various sized paper and has been totally reliable for my office.   I use this to create tax workpapers and various documents needed in my practice.

If you need some good software to modify the PDFs created, I recommend Tic Tie Calculate (created by cPaperless).  This software is a great tool for accountants but will also help other professions.  The software allows you to highlight items, link things, put in ‘tic marks’ to confirm an item is correct or has been taken care, and a whole bunch of other options.  It definitely deserves a look.


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